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The ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauer Stud was registered in 1964 by the founder of ZZ2, Mr. Bertie van Zyl. He first saw this beautiful breed when he visited Namibia in 1962 and was immediately interested in breeding with Pinzgauers himself. ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauer Stud was the very first Pinzgauer stud in South Africa and animals were imported from Namibia and Austria to build this herd. Today this pioneer stud is the benchmark of success in Pinzgauer breeding world-wide. The ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauers can be seen at Grootboom in Mooketsi, Limpopo Province.

ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauer Stud is renowned for its exceptional sire-lines and has produced many superior breeding bulls. Bulls like Mr. Mooketsi, Big Brother, Zorro, Golden Boy, Mr. Silence, Sir Ramkat and Heinz, all came from the ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauer Stud. These uniform animals are bred with the goal to produce more meat per hectare in harsh, extensive conditions. Sire-lines will breed the best Pinzgauers as well as potential elite bulls for Pinzgauer and PinZ²yl breeding. Breeders will definitely benefit if they use the exceptional genetics available from ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauers, in their herds. ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauers have excellent dairy ranching potential and we all know that higher milk production equates higher weaning weights.

The genetics available in this stud, is sought after in breeders’ circles, like Omateva, Ross-Gevonden, Kerry Dale, Cappucino, Harry Pohl and Overberg studs and this makes the ZZ2 Grootboom Pinzgauer Stud the main supplier of Pinzgauer genetics in the South African Pinzgauer industry and the biggest Pinzgauer Stud in the world.

The management team at ZZ2 Livestock Division guarantees dedication to deliver only animals of the highest quality based on sound production principles, technology, integrity, honesty and with a social and environmental conscience.

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Fanie Potgieter at 082 336 7199 / sajpotgieter@zz2.co.za

Asser Mantsho at 078 609 4937 / asser@zz2.co.za

Office: 015 395 8377 / info@zz2.co.za

Website: https://www.zz2.co.za/products/livestock